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As our customer you'll be provided with quotes directly from the insurer for the product you intend to purchase. We manage the application and deal with the administration work and insurer. This means you get allocated a licensed life insurance specialist dealing with your policy. We do not charge you a fee for the service we provide, the insurer simply remunerates us in return for setting up your policy.

Our service allows you access to a number of medically underwritten products direct from the insurer. We work with you to complete a full medical underwriting process (if needed), and then settle your policy with the insurer for you.

Compare & save on your

Life Insurance! 

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We believe that busy people deserve more time, with less stress around their life administration. 

Everyone I spoke to were extremely helpful and professional in their approach, in doing the “comparatives” and coming up with a Health Insurance policy which suited my needs and budget. 

Noah R., AU